WWE’s Funny and Possibly Regrettable Looks

Shockmaster’s Unintended Reaction

If this guy was a master at anything, it was ruining his WWE debut. The man behind the bedazzled Storm Trooper mask really never stood a chance. What was his signature entrance? Well, if you don’t remember, he would enter the ring by blowing right through a wall to reveal himself in all his blinging glory.


Source: WWE/YouTube

It looks like Storm Trooper didn’t really think things through all the way for his WWE debut. Why? Because his mask obscured his vision, and when he made his entrance, he tripped. When he hit the ground, the mask fell off and every wrestler around him broke character (a big no-no) and began laughing. Poor Shockmaster … (irony and pun intended).

Remember Farooq? He’s next…

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