Talk About Unique: These are the Wackiest Guinness World Records Ever

Sure, Guinness World Record has the standard record-breaking activities like the fastest car, longest legs, and biggest dog. There are records like that, and there’s these. These wacky world records take creativity and pure strangeness. These record holders are truly one of a kind.

Not All Rings are For Fingers

Not all that glitters is gold? Well, not all gold rings are meant for fingers. This here is the world’s largest ring. But this isn’t the kind of ring that you can wear on your finger. Or on anyone’s finger for that matter.


Source: Flickr/Anand Khatri

This record-breaking ring weighs in at 141 pounds! And what would you guess is the ring’s worth? Well, folks, this ring goes for over $3 million. That’s right. Talk about an expensive piece of jewelry! Who knows why this thing even exists…

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