Billionaires and Millionaires Who Bought Their Own Sports Teams

When the topic of sports comes up in conversation, most people think of and talk about the sport’s professional players. Athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams sure do make a heck of a lot of money because they’re talented. After all, they worked darn hard to get to where they are, so it’s only natural that they have such high salaries. And then, when the topic of billionaires comes up, most people will talk about how they earned that money and the companies they own. But what they choose to purchase isn’t always known, let alone spoken about at the company water cooler.



But the topic of billionaires (and millionaires) who own sports teams isn’t such a much-talked-about topic. And that’s probably because most people have no idea who owns sports teams. Have you ever wondered who those super-wealthy sports team owners are? Well, now you have a go-to list of all the extremely rich individuals who felt that their money would be well spent purchasing entire sports teams.

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