A Boy with a Dream Became a Man with Balloons. Meet Lawn Chair Larry

By the Grace of God

He was coming down, but, on the way, the balloons became tangled on the power lines in Long Beach, causing a 20-minute power outage in the area. The police received a frantic 911 call from Larry’s ground crew. Seeing that Larry was approaching a little too fast, the police ordered the power company to kill the electricity in the area, and so blocks of homes and businesses were left with no power.

A single weather balloon in the sky

Source: YouTube

After his 21-mile flight, and as soon as he came back to earth, he was swarmed by neighbors and children, who helped him get out of his chair. “By the grace of God, I fulfilled my dream,” he told the crowd around him. “But I wouldn’t do it again for anything.”

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