Childhood Sweethearts Slowly Drifted Apart, But Fate Brought Them Back Together Again

We see some amazing love stories in fairy tales and movies, but many people that sort of magical love just couldn’t come true in real life. Well, the story of Matt and Laura is about to prove those people wrong and prove that true love always finds a way!

These two lovebirds met a very young age and developed a special bond right in preschool. Over time, life saw them drift slowly apart, and it seemed like their story was over before it had ever really had time to begin.

One day, however, the pair met up again by a sheer stroke of good fortune. Perhaps it was fate or destiny looking out for them and guiding them back together, or maybe it was all just a happy coincidence. Either way, it all ended in a pretty extraordinary way.

Read on to learn the full, breath-taking story of Matt and Laura, from their very first meeting and the development of their bond right up to the modern day. You won’t believe how they’re doing these days, and you might even shed a tear or two of happiness along the way as you enjoy this amazing, heart-warming, true story of real romance.

A Friendship Forms from An Early Age

The small boy on the right, Matt and Laura on the left, like so many other young children out there, they had met each other in preschool. At the time, as this innocent and adorable photo shows, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel were just a couple of fresh-faced children, with their whole lives ahead of them, just waiting to unfold.



They encountered each other at the age of 3 at their local Phoenix, AZ preschool and quickly became best buddies. In fact, their respective parents thought that their friendship was so sweet, so they kept in touch so the kids could continue spending time together. However, little did they know that these were the first days of a lifelong connection.

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