The Bobbitt Saga: What Happened to John and Lorena?

$100, a Game Boy, and His You-Know-What

In the wee hours of June 23, 1993, a 24-year-old manicurist named Lorena Bobbitt went up to her sleeping husband, pulled back the covers, and sliced off John’s, um, Johnson, with a kitchen knife. She then left their home, in Manassas, Virginia, with $100 cash, John’s Game Boy and his you-know-what.

A portrait of John / An exterior shot of John and Lorena’s apartment.

John Bobbit. Photo by Mitchell Gerber, Corbis, VCG, Getty Images / Source: Amazon Prime

She got in her car, drove over to the local 7-Eleven, and tossed his detached manhood into the field by the convenience store. It was unlike any event people had ever heard of before. Yet there she was: Lorena Bobbitt, on a mission to…. do what exactly? Why on earth would she do that? Well, she had her reasons…

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