Hollywood Stars That Cashed in On Japanese Commercials

Remember that episode of ‘Friends’ when Joey was hiding the fact that he made a Japanese commercial where he wore blue lipstick? Yeah, it was hilarious. But that actually exists in the real celebrity world. Maybe not with the blue lipstick, but actors and other Hollywood stars do indeed take their famous faces to the East and star in hilarious Japanese commercials.

Here are some of the better ones…

Brooke Shields – Lux Shampoo

Brooke Shields, the former child model, and actress who gained critical acclaim at the age of 12 for her performance in the film ‘Pretty Baby,’ became a true Hollywood icon in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But most people have no idea that the actress also appeared in a Japanese commercial while still in her prime.


Source: soikll5/YouTube

In the commercial, she’s seen uncomfortably struggling with knots in her hair. That is until Lux shampoo swoops in and saves the day. Did she need to learn a word in Japanese? Not one. All she says in the ad is “Lux, super-rich” in English.

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