Love Knows No Bounds: Age Is Just A Number for These Loved-up Celebrities

When it comes to love, some people swear that love knows no bounds. Others remind us that love can sometimes be still blind. Still, these celebrity power couples are a testament to the fact that you really can find love at any age.

Just like us, most celebrities spend their lives searching for a special someone and seeking true love. So when these celebrity duos finally found each other, age was nothing but a number to them. Many decided to throw caution to the wind and didn’t let society get in their way.

While some of the stars on the list come from truly opposing worlds and it might surprise you that they even met or hit it off, others look like they were truly made for each other. Still, when you see them strutting down the red carpet together or grabbing a bite at a restaurant, these romantic duos might just warm your heart.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall

When this powerful couple first announced their relationship to the press, it caused a media stir for a few reasons. While this may be one couple that the tabloids love to hate, Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall didn’t let their glaring 25 year age gap or society stop them from marrying in 2016.

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Before they met, Jerry Hall was famously married to Mick Jagger, and they had four children before divorcing in 1999. Murdoch made a name for himself as a media mogul and has children from his previous marriages. Still, the duo found each other later in life and married when Murdoch was 82.

Viola Davis and Julius Tennon

When Viola Davis and Julius Tennon met on the set on City of Angels, it must have been love at first sight. Despite their 13-year age gap, the loved-up couple tied the knot in 2003 and are still going strong.

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The acting duo both have children from previous relationships, and in 2011 they then adopted a daughter together Genesis, who is now seven. The happy couple even joint-founded a production company together, aptly named JuVee Productions.

Celine Dion and René Angélil

Celine Dion and René Angélil are another celebrity couple who didn’t let a controversial age gap get in their way. Their love story started when Celine was just 12 years old and René was her manager, and 38 at the time. Since they were both professionals, they had to keep their relationship under wraps until 1991.

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René was actually Celine’s biggest fan when they first met. He believed in her singing potential so much, that he actually mortgaged his own house to help fund her first official album. The power duo later had a set of twins together and lived happily until René passed away in 2016.

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

As the lead singer and frontman for the band Maroon 5, Adam Levine lived it up as a single bachelor for most of his early life. That was before he met Behati Prinsloo in the summer of 2012, and decide to settle down. Behati is 10 years younger than Adam, but it didn’t matter to these love birds.

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After making it official in a gorgeous ceremony in Mexico in 2014, the duo quickly had two children together. The first child was in 2016 and the second in 2018. Things sure moved quickly for them, and Adam went from a rock star bachelor to a family man in no time!

Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness

When the X-Men hunk Hugh Jackman first met Deborra Lee-Furness in 1995 on the set of Corelli, the pair quickly fell in love. Despite the fact that Deborah is 13 years his senior, the adorable couple have been happily married for years.

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Just a year after their wedding, the couple then went on to adopt two kids together. One is Eva and the other is Oscar. The adorable couple are also still going strong, and in spite of the 13 year age gap, Jackman still insists he is the ‘adult’ in the relationship.

Jay Z and Beyonce

This talented musical power couple are generally seen as pop royalty to most of the planet. Their insatiable romance first started back in 2001, when Beyonce was just 20 years old. It’s really hard to notice their 12 year age gap, as they have both been crazy in love ever since.

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The pair dated for 7 years, before marrying in 2008. While they briefly separated, today they regularly break the internet with their growing family and record-breaking musical achievements. They now have three adorable children, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir and have a habit of showering them with lavish gifts.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi first found love back in 2004. To some people, their 15-year age gap may have seemed unconventional, but this didn’t faze them. By 2005, the gorgeous couple moved in together and are still going strong.

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When California legalized same-sex marriage, Ellen and Portia were one of the first couples in the line to tie the knot in front of the world. Now they are 45 and 60 and are stronger than ever. The duo also work together on various charity projects around the globe.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

This gorgeous Hollywood couple might just be the epitome of red-carpet goals personified. Their romance began on the set of the movie The Green Lantern in 2010 when Blake was just 22. We’re happy to hear they didn’t let their 11 year age gap get in the way of their love story.

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The starry-eyed couple are still going strong today and have two daughters together. They also hilariously troll each other on social media, and you can often spot them cuddled up on the red carpet.

Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick

The talented piano man, Billy Joel first met Alexis Roderick back in 2009. At the time, he was still finalizing the divorce of his third wife. There is also a 32 age between them, but this didn’t stop Alexis from falling for his charming voice and charismatic personality.

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When they first met, Alexis was a Morgan Stanley executive and an equestrian. The couple dated for a few years, before marrying in 2015. Joel has one child from his previous marriages and now the couple share two daughters together. They are also still happily married and enjoy splitting their time between New York and Florida.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones

When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones first announced their engagement in 1999, it shook the world and caused a media frenzy. This was mainly because of the 25 year age gap. Well, this stunning couple proved to everyone that love knows no bounds and have been going strong for almost 20 years.

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Michael and Catherine now have two children together, one girl and one boy and are raising them in a Jewish home. Although they did scare us all when they briefly separated in 2013, we’re glad they are still happily together today.

George Clooney and Amal Clooney

For years, George Clooney was viewed as one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, and it seemed like he would never settle down. Still, that was before he stunned the world by proposing to Amal Alamuddin, an international human rights lawyer who was 35 at the time.

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After a short engagement, the picture-perfect couple married in 2014. Despite the 17 year age gap, the couple are still loved up and bringing up two gorgeous children together, Ella and Alexander. They also throw lavish parties together, which are attended by Hollywood’s finest actors and actresses.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender

These blockbusting movie stars took their acting skills to the next level and managed to keep their romance a secret from everyone for a few years. The stars first met in 2014 on the set of the movie The Light Between Oceans. They then decided to keep their relationship under wraps so that they could enjoy their honeymoon period together, away from the cameras.

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After secretly dating for three years, the X-Men and Tomb Raider stars secretly got married in a ceremony in Ibiza in 2017. The couple also have an 11 year age gap, but again, what does age matter when you’re head over heels in love.

Felicity Huffman and William H Macy

After dating for 16 years, Felicity Huffman and William H Macy decided to make it official and tied the knot in 1997. To them, their 12 year age gap probably didn’t even come into the equation, and they are still going strong today.

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As the stars of Desperate Housewives and Shameless, these two have enjoyed successful careers and captured the hearts of many fans. They also share two daughters together and in spite of the fact Felicity was initially ‘scared’ of marriage, they seem to be happily married now.

Anna Lynne McCord and Dominic Purcell

While there may be a huge 17 year age gap, these two Hollywood stars were caught up in a whirlwind romance for over seven years. While McCord starred in 90210 and Dominic made a name for himself in Prison Break, and the loved-up pair were together on and off until 2018.

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Although the couple have since separated, they are still on amicable terms. In fact, Anna still takes the time to looks after Purcell’s four children from his previous wife.

Al Pacino and Meital Dohan

As one of the largest age gaps on our list, this Hollywood couple have almost 40 years between them. The Hollywood icon, Al Pacino, 78 is now dating with the former Weeds Israeli actress Meital Dohan who is 39.

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Regardless of their age gap, the loved-up couple enjoyed spending time together and things seem to be getting serious. They were recently spotted buying furniture together in West Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is well known for his hilarious performances in shows like SNL and 30 Rock. In 2013, he met Hilaria, a yoga instructor, and it was love at first sight. Although there is a 26 year age gap, after just five months together, they moved in and now share four children together.

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In the past, Alec Baldwin was famously married to Kim Basinger and has another daughter from this marriage, named Ireland. Now he is 60 and we’re sure his gorgeous wife and huge family are keeping him young.

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble

While Kris Jenner was famously married to Caitlyn Jenner, before they got divorced, it seems she has bounced back onto the market in style. In spite of their 25 year age gap, she has found love again with Corey Gamble and the pair recently announced their engagement.

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While Corey is 34, he is actually the same age as her infamous daughter, Kim and a couple of years younger than Kourtney. If everything goes to plan, Corey should be joining the ever-growing Kardashian-Jenner clan in no time.

Woody Allen and Soon Yi-Previn

When Woody Allen first announced his relationship with Soon Yi-Previn, it was the talk of Hollywood for every reason. Their relationship was controversial not just because of the 35 year age gap, but because the way they met is a little scandalous.

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In 1992, the movie director, Woody Allen was dating Mia Farrow. At that time Mia adopted a child, which happened to be Soon-Yi Previn. Evidently, the pair grew close and didn’t let anything get in the way of their love. They finally married in 1997 and are still going strong today.

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood

This couple prove that when it comes to love, anything is possible. Although they were born 24 years apart, they met on the set of Nowhere Boy in 2008. At that time, the movie was a directorial debut for Sam Woods, and Aaron Johnson was starting out in the acting industry.

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Aaron is now a seasoned actor and best known for starring in movies like the Avengers. After falling in love, the couple married in 2012 and have since welcomed two children into the world. Although he is 28 and she is 51, love really knows no limits.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert

This royal couple first laid eyes on each other at a swimming competition in Monte Carlo in the year 2010. Even though there is a 20 year age gap, the pair fell for each other and dated for ten years, before getting engaged.

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In 2010 the pair tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony and Princess Charlene wowed the whole of Monaco and the world with her show-stopping dress. The pair are still happily married and have two children together. They also enjoy a glamorous life, socializing with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

The King and Queen of Bhutan

Interestingly, the king of Bhutan, named King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, originally met his future wife when he was just 7 years old. His wife is named Jetsum Pema and even though there is a 10 year age gap, she is said to have declared her love for him at the time.

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As the story goes, he actually promised Jetsum that once he was older, he would marry her, but only if they were still in love and both single. Well, we’re happy to report that this royal couple married in 2011 and welcomed their son into the world soon after.

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

This power couple first met on the set of True Blood in 2008 and hit it off straight away. Although they have a 13 year age gap, they fell in love, married and had two children together.

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Anna Paquin is better known nowadays for starring in the X-Men franchise and you can spot Stephen Mayor in The Gifted and the lovebirds are still going strong today. They even appeared on Open House together recently.

Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart

When the iconic British rock star Rod Stewart met Penny Lancaster in 2007, she was a successful model. She was also 26 years younger than him, but evidently, this power couple didn’t let age stop them from falling in love.

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After several years of dating, the couple now share two children together and are still happily in love today. While Rod Stewart continues to rock, Penny also continues to make TV appearances, on shows like Loose Women.

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole

These British celebs are both successful singers in their own right and actually met on the set of X factor when Liam was just 24 and Cheryl was 25. While they were friends for a long time, it wasn’t until Cheryl divorced Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, that they first started dating.

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The superstar couple enjoyed a whirlwind romance, and their 11 year age gap didn’t stop them from falling in love. In 2017, they welcomed a baby son, Bear into the world. Sadly though, because their careers meant they spent weeks apart, they have since separated.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Oliver Sarkozy

It’s safe to say that Mary-Kate Olsen is one half of Hollywood’s trendiest set of twins. When the fashionista and actress first met Oliver Sarkozy, originally from France, she was smitten. They started dating in spite of the 17 year age gap.

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Oliver is actually the brother of Nicholas Sarkozy, who is the former President of France. The pair tied the knot in 2015 and filled the room with ‘bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes’. The power couple now live in New York together in a house worth $6.25m.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin

Megan Fox shot to fame for starring in some action movies, like the Transformers franchise. When she met Brian Austin, the 13 year age gap didn’t faze her. The couple soon fell in love and eventually got married.

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Megan has one son from a previous relationship, and she and Brian share three children together. Now Megan is 32 and he is 45, this happy couple really show that when love comes your way, age is just a number.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

When Nikki Reed met Ian Somerhalder first started dating in 2014, the acting couple had more in common than most. While she was starring in Twilight, he starred in The Vampire Diaries. So this vampire-loving acting couple seem like a match made in heaven.

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We’re sure plenty of fans of both shows rejoiced when they first started dating, and no one would have even thought of their 10 year age gap. After a whirlwind romance, Somerhalder popped the question and they married that year. In 2017, the couple welcomed a daughter into the world and named her Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka is a successful model, and Nick Jonas rose to fame as one of the Jonas Brothers before kick-starting his own solo career. When this glamorous couple strutted out on the red carpet together for the first time at the Met Gala in 2017, all eyes were on them.

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Despite the 10 year age gap, things moved pretty fast for the couple. By August 2017, they announced their engagement, and they finally tied the knot in a show-stopping ceremony in 2018.