Remembering Don Knotts for the Legend He Was (27 Facts)

His Role in the Military

Conspiracy theories were quick to spread after Knotts passed away at the age of 81. One of the many rumors that were swirling around included an urban legend that said how Knotts once served in the United States Marine Corps as a strict and mean drill sergeant. Can you imagine this man as a mean drill sergeant?

Don Knotts in the Andy Griffith Show.

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Fortunately, that myth remained as a myth. The only truth to that story is the fact that Knotts did indeed serve in the military, but he was nowhere near an intimidating soldier. Knotts spent his time providing entertainment for the troops in a variety act he called Stars and Gripes. According to Wikipedia, Knotts served in the U.S. Army from June 21, 1943, to January 6, 1946.

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