We’re Just Waiting for These Movies to Be Remade

While it’s always a risk when redoing a movie, there are some remakes that prove that it’s well worth it. Think ‘Mad Max,’ ‘The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo,’ and ‘Ocean’s 11.’ Those are all remakes and wow were they good. So you see? Sometimes, it works out.

The following movies are ones that I think we all would love to see again in a new version!

‘Back to the Future’

Just so I’m clear as can be – there’s nothing wrong with the original ’80s cult classic, but can you just imagine what a new version of a future/past clusterf&*% would look like? Unfortunately, the movie’s director, Robert Zemeckis, isn’t making any plans.


Source: Time Magazine

Zemeckis says both he and screenwriter Bob Gale would have to be dead for a remake to happen. That’s sad news. But the only piece of hope that I can muster up is to think maybe someone else will take the reins and make it happen!

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