When Stars Split the Rent: Celebs Who Used to Be Roommates

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Even the most famous celebrities struggled before making it big in the cut-throat entertainment industry. In order for these aspiring performers to pay their bills, they saved some cash by getting a roommate. Believe it or not, before they were rich and famous, splitting rent was a good way to keep food on the table until catching their big break!


Photo by Matt Baron, BEI, Shutterstock / Eric Charbonneau, Shutterstock / Matt Baron, BEI, Shutterstock

Some of these now-famous duos met on college, on set, or wandering around Hollywood looking for an opportunity. Before these talented stars had marble flooring and infinity pools in their lavish mansions, they had a typical roommate life: eating ramen, mismatched furniture, and trying to save as much money as they could. Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Wait until you see why Raven Symone’s roommate was never home. Spoiler Alert: The answer won’t surprise you.

You probably didn’t know that these celebrities used to be roommates.

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