Fascinating War Artifacts That You Can See Up Close

For all the history buffs out there who want to learn about some of the world’s most important and infamous wars, seeing war artifacts up close is quite a remarkable experience. These are some of the biggest battles in history seen through their most amazing artifacts, which are all on display at museums around the world.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s Car

Battle: World War I

Where it can be seen: the Austrian Military Museum in Vienna (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum).


Source: Modern Legends

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and on June 28, 1914, he was assassinated while traveling in Sarajevo. While riding in his convertible, a group called the Black Hand, which were trying to free Bosnia from the Habsburg family rule, threw a bomb at the vehicle. The bomb bounced off the car, so a member of the group decided to shoot and kill Ferdinand.

This shot became known as “the shot that was heard around the world,” as it was considered to trigger the start of World War I.

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