The Uncanny Jim Twins: Reunited After 39 Years

Duplicate Lives

Imagine discovering you have a long lost twin. Now, imagine meeting him/her and realizing you basically lived the same exact life. This is precisely what happened to Jim Lewis and Jim Springer when they reunited after spending the first 39 years of their lives apart. Even though they were essentially strangers, the similarities between the two were uncanny.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer as young boys

Source: Flickr

They are identical twins, so it shouldn’t be such a shock that they share some similarities. When they met, the brothers were 6 feet tall, both weighing exactly 180 pounds. However, since they didn’t grow up together, studying this case really gave researchers insight into the ongoing debate of ‘nature vs. nurture.’ Is it genetics that makes a person? Or is it the environment they grew up in?

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