The Anatomy of Illusion: Popular Magic Tricks Explained

Who was the magician of your time? It seems as though every generation has their own magic guy. For me, I would watch David Blane on TV and be totally confused as to how he was doing the stuff he was doing. No matter how bewilderingly real a magic trick might seem, at the end of the day, it’s a trick. Some magicians leave you with your jaws on the floor. Their perfectly disguised, deceptive props and methods of creating awe-inspiring illusions make you wonder whether they have supernatural powers. Well, they don’t. While some magicians come up with tricks and secrets of their own, most of them use traditional magic tricks, like walking on water or pulling a rabbit out of a hat, which aren’t really so hard to master when you get to know the secret.

So, let’s examine some of the most common magician tricks and see exactly how magicians pull them off!

Levitating Man

Source: Pinterest

This trick above has been performed by street magicians for ages now. As the name indicates, the magician appears to be floating in the air. Sometimes, to indicate that they are really above the ground and it’s not just an optical illusion, they hold a stick which shows the viewers that there really is a gap between them and the ground. People often stand in disbelief and wonder whether they have magical powers, or perhaps the person is a holy being. Well, there’s always a more straightforward explanation…

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