40 Pictures of Cat’s Doing Non-Cat-Like Things

The Cat Who Can Expand Himself

Cats usually have small adorable faces – that’s why we love them so much. They’re just so small and cute – unless they are big Maine Coons of course – then they’re really big! This white kitty loves to stare at his “friends” in the water. They’re just so appealing. Maybe little kitty is just waiting for his chance to push them over the table and dash open his mouth to open and swallow!

The Cat Who Can Expand Himself

Source: Imgur

This cat might like to stare, but it isn’t recommended to stare at your cat for long periods of time. It is seen as threatening and will make them feel uneasy. Cats are also known to like to spend time on their own, unlike dogs they can play on their own, like in the photograph of above.

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