5 Life Lessons That We Learned from ‘Friends’

Not only is ‘Friends’ one of my favorite shows ever for being one of the funniest and featuring a stellar cast that had the best on-screen chemistry in the history of sitcoms, but it’s also a great source of life lessons. From seeing how the gang handled their issues or how Ross and Rachel survived being on a break, the show really made relationships even a little bit easier by showing us how to handle some less than easy moments.

Here are five life lessons that ‘Friends’ taught us.

Sometimes All You Need is a Hug

We live in a world now where physical contact is becoming less common. What a shame! A hug is a wonderful thing and can be just the thing you need when you’ve had a bad day. Leave it to ‘Friends’ to remind us that maybe a warm embrace with your close buddies will make everything better at that moment. So go hug a friend.


Source: Giphy

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