DIY Fails That Made Us Howl With Laughter

Many people like to do a little DIY, and we can respect that. It’s brave to take on projects and try to use your own hands and skills to make something new or renovate part of your home. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the ability to be successful at their home renovation projects. This list shows what happens when those projects end in total, terrible failure.

Sometimes, DIY can go well. Other times, it goes terribly! Here are some hilarious examples of the latter. These photos show what can happen when you take on a project that is just way too big for you or when you try to tackle something alone when you really should have called up a professional. Each example reminds us how important it is to contact the pros, rather than thinking we can handle everything by ourselves.

Water and Electricity Do Not Mix

One of the first things we learn as children is that water and electricity do not go well together! Water conducts electricity like crazy, so it’s super dangerous to have anything electric near a source of water. Somehow, the person responsible for this awful DIY fail must have missed the memo!



Maybe they were drunk on the day of this DIY project or just plain out to lunch, but they really should have thought twice about putting a faucet right next to an electrical outlet. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. We just hope nobody got hurt by this awful mistake and that it was fixed very quickly.

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