Hotel Fails That Prove Why Airbnb is a Better Choice

Now that Airbnb is such a huge thing, hotels are suffering just a little bit. So you would think they would up their game to stay a viable option in the tourism industry, right? Wrong. Some hotels just simply don’t get it. And these are some of them.

Here are some hilarious hotel fails that make you glad you choose AirBnB when your travel.

The Moment You Wish You Had a Button to Call For Help

You don’t have many options when you find yourself in this situation. You can either A) wobble over to the toilet paper roll with your pants around your ankles; B) swallow your pride and use a towel that’s probably a lot closer to you and then find a way to destroy the evidence or C) forget about wiping altogether.


Source: Imgur

You could also call for someone to help. But that would depend on whether or not anyone’s even in your hotel room and what the nature of your relationship is. Whatever you end up doing, you know you’re going to look for the toilet paper before you go into another hotel room bathroom.

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