Hysterical Street Posters That Will Have You Crying With Laughter!

Street posters are an excellent solution for informing the people around you about the possessions you have lost or found. They are short but informative, and people tend to read them as they don’t need much time for it.

If you have anything to tell, just make a flyer with something attractive so that it can drag attention of every passing by person and offer better results. A little innovation like funny lines, weird pictures and fast quotes are also appreciated.

However, some people are taking this flyer making to a whole new level. They take it to a stage where their innovation turns to stupidity. The 40 posters below are the best example of such extraordinary stupidity.

These are the pictures that can make you laugh, even in the most depressing times. Some of these posters are so weird that you will feel it difficult to decide whether to laugh at the content or feel sorry for the makers.

Hiring a Song Listener for Sean’s song

There is no way anyone can resist this excellent opportunity to attend Sean’s song. It’s a one on one concert so that the talented singer can focus on you. Moreover, all the music and songs you will listen to are original and never heard before.

Source: cloudfront.net

It is also an excellent opportunity for easy money; Sean’s paying $15 per hour. It’s like you get to enjoy the beautifully sung songs about the moon and stars with payment for bearing them. So, make a booking, pack your earplug and get ready to explore the whole new world of music.

Uniquely Talented Car Impersonator

If you are planning for a family and friend entertainment program, this poster is just what you need. This gentleman is presenting a unique and affordable service for all upcoming birthday parties and more. He is a professional who can impersonate many cars for you.

Source: cloudfront.net

He can mimic cars like Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Kia Elantra and even the Ford Mustang. Buy the premium impersonation pack, and you can enjoy a lot more. Don’t worry about the service quality; you won’t be disappointed with his incredible talent.

Found a Cat That’s Not a Cat

There are many strange animals that we don’t often see, and that’s no big deal. This person over have never seen a cat and don’t have any idea how it looks. So, the person considers this unknown creature as a cat. There is no other explanation of why they even photograph this creature.

Source: cloudfront.net

The poster says, aggressive, no collar and not house trained which is terrible. The owners should always train their cats at least if it’s really, a cat. Moreover, we should find this poster’s makers and show them a real cat.

The Ultimate Chop-Chop Challenge

If you are a big fan of ninjas but never found one, this is an opportunity for you. This trained professional can chop any material with his progressive and innovative techniques. He can cut anything from a piece of wood to tire in a snap.

Source: cloudfront.net

Don’t believe us, just book a session, and see for yourself. You can take some metal articles with you. This person is confident about his talent and offers $400 if you find something he can’t chop. Strangely, this activity is just an everyday way of generating positivity and focus, for him.

Not Every Animal Needs Rescuing

Animal and birds are a part of our world and caring for them is a good thing. But this person took it to a whole new level by adding stupidity to it. This poster is showing a pigeon on the street with writing about the bird’s nature and ignorance. We appreciate the care, but it’s a pigeon.

Source: cloudfront.net

The bird doesn’t need a poster to find his owner; some alone time will do. As for the person, stop trying all the names and commands. This bird won’t obey or respond to you. It’s a pigeon and answers to no one. Moreover, it’s not poorly trained because it’s a free bird that’s never taught.

You Have the Rubber Band at Least

In the World full of selfish people, people like these Samaritans are a blessing. Just look at the poster, isn’t it heartwarming to know that people still care about others. They could have got off with that rubber band, but they choose to return it to the rightful owner.

Source: me.me

They also made some extra effort to make sure that you don’t face any problem. Look how carefully this poster explains the situation. It describes how these Good Samaritan found a rubber band that held a stack of $20 bills and decided to return the precious rubber. Hats off to these Samaritans and their humanity.

Crazy Dog Klaus on to Run

A dog is the most loyal friend of human beings, but Klaus bows to no one. Like the crazy hybrid Klaus Mikaelson, this Klaus also believes in pride. No wonder, he will rip off anyone who dares to stare at him. If it’s not enough, let us tell you that he is off his hostility decreasing medications.

Source: me.me

We appreciate the owner’s effort to make sure that the neighbors know about this dangerous roaming around. He also stated that he doesn’t want it anymore. So, don’t engage yourself in finding or bring him back. If you see this dog, call the animal control and let them deal with the crazy animal.

Trade Trombone Lessons for a Dog

Everyone faces marriage problem at some stage of their life and sometimes we don’t even know what to do. Well, not for this husband. He knows the ultimate way to save his marriage, Trombone. He thinks that playing this instrument will help him impress his wife, which is fine by us.

Source: cloudfront.net

The only question is what wrong did that dog ever did to him. Learning is good but trading a dog for lessons is something we don’t see every day. We don’t know whether to feel sorry for Toby, the dog for having such an owner or this husband for his poor life choices.

We do agree that he dramatically needs the lessons, but for “how to become a responsible pet owner.”

Cat Owner with Artistic Perspective

Placing poster of your lost pet is a common way to find it, but this owner took another approach. He knew that printing poster could take time, so he decides to draw them. You can see how much he loves the animal and how much he is missing it. What we don’t understand is the sense of this poster.

Source: twitter.com

It’s good to try different, but we still need at least some detail about the pet. All we get from this poster is a cat and that the owner had paper plates. Well, lord almighty help this guy in finding his pet or just in making sure that some street liver doesn’t use this late.

I Found It, so I’m Keeping It

Lost and found posters are usual, but this, lost and not returning variant is the purest form of creativity and kindness. The poster maker found a lost French bulldog but before the owner was identified they both became friends. No wonder, he decided to keep it for himself.

Source: cloudfront.net

But the kind-hearted person didn’t forget about the previous owner. He decided to make sure that the dog owner stops searching for it. This poster was the best he could think of it. He mentioned the whole scenario with the fact that the dog is part of the family and is safe, to ease out the owner’s worries.

Hatred for DMV at Its Peak

Admit or not, but we all hate to visit the Department of Motor Vehicle. The long-lines with depressing atmosphere and poor customer services are not something we would ever want. We all have a thing for this department, but personal vendetta at this scale is something new.

Source: twitter.com

This person straightway referred DMV as “an evil place,” which we don’t think is a smart move. He has to go there at some or the other, especially is he doesn’t find his wallet. Well, all we can do is to pray that he, get back the license.

Think Before You Smoke and Drop Cigarettes

Smoking is harmful, but it’s difficult to give up the habit, especially when you have temptations all around you. For instance, Mr. Whiskers, the cat of this poster not very back long ago he realized how badly cigarettes were affecting his health. So, he decided to give up this habit.

Source: me.me

The decision didn’t last long, as the neighbors are not at all cooperative. They keep on dropping cigarettes butts around the garden which drag Mr. Whiskers to his old habits. Finally, the cat owners decide to take steps for their precious pet and placed this poster.

Ninja Turtle on the Move

Behold before the paws or the shell of justice. This turtle is on the move with a nunchuck, looking for some truth. We believe that this turtle is mutated because there is no other explanation of how this turtle could run away.

Source: twitter.com

The owner is confident that the turtle is not even missing. It’s on the trail of peace, hunting for the evil around it. He explicitly mentions that the reptile may look slow, but it’s dangerous. So, if you don’t want a nun-chuck on yourself, we suggest you maintain distance from this turtle.

The Precious Strips of Contact Information

When you lose something, the best idea is to place some poster around the locality asking for help. It works for most people but not for this unfortunate man. He sets the notice, and some cruel people rip off the 8-strips with contact information that were attached to the bottom of it.

Source: twitter.com

Now this gentleman has no idea of his contact information. So he chooses the apparent way, placing a poster. He is requesting the thieves to return it and has also put a roll of tape for pasting it. His identity will be kept discrete, and there will be no questioning.

Find the Unknown and Unseen Droids

Printing a poster with pixilated pictures or non-understandable text is one thing but making it completely different from the actual image is the worst. This poster maker is a big fan of star wars and thinks it as one shop solution for every problem. So, when he lost his droids, star war was the first thing that came into his mind.

Source: cloudfront.net

He drafted the poster and placed it everywhere for the people to look at it and find his androids. The only problem is the slips attached to the notice which clears that the real droids don’t look like the once, in the placard. Don’t tell us why; just, tell us what exactly are we searching.

The Weird Form of Schrodinger’s Cat Theory

On first glance, we see that an owner is looking for his pet until we read the phrase “Dead and alive.” It seems like there was some printing error. They wanted to write “Dead or alive” and that even more shocking.

Source: cloudfront.net

For a second you may think that the owner was not so good in English, but it all becomes clear when you see the name, Erwin Schrodinger. This flyer is probably made by a science freak who is a lot into Erwin’s parallel dimension theory. Either way, we would like to meet this person and find out whether his name is Erwin, or this whole thing was a prank.

Parenting Is Difficult Sometimes

Parenting is harsh, and it turns a disaster if your child develops a bizarre habit. The same thing happened to Ned’s parent. They didn’t know what their son was up to, but they knew that it involved dropping dead geese to neighbor’s backyards.

Source: me.me

Once the complaints and death toll began to rise, they had to make a tough choice for their child’s future. They informed the whole society of their son’s deed and let them deal with him.

We don’t know what happened to Ned that day, but we do know that there are no more dead geese.

Hunt For the Banshee

Humankind is full of talent. Some can swim, some can cook, and some can lift heavy weight, but that has nothing to do with what we need. The poster maker is searching for wailing women or men, who can match the pitch of a Chewbacca.

Source: twitter.com

Moreover, this poster maker wanted to keep things simple. He values time and convenience so; he chose technology over the venue. You can record your scream and send it to him. This person will contact the winners after the result, and then they can collect the price of $50.

Close Friend’s Final Good Bye

What’s worst than losing a friend? Well, not being with them at their final moments. This person is going through the same kind of situation. His friend Aaron, the mosquito is missing. He doesn’t have much time, and we all have to find him soon.

Source: cloudfront.net

Assuming that the mosquito went missing 24 hours before the actual notice came up, he has only 2-days left. It is essential that you find and return to him as soon as possible.

Just, make sure to take some preventive measures, Aaron maybe carrying some diseases.

The World Is a Difficult Place

Remember the story of Gulliver and the dwarf-island. Well, this person is facing a very similar situation. He is short in height, and the only way for him to match the giant world was his ladder. So, losing them was a huge shock for him. He couldn’t even manage to place this poster at a height without his helping hand.

Source: twitter.com

No wonder, this person is ready to pay $500 reward to anyone to anyone who can bring it back.

We suggest you start looking for it or maybe you can buy another one from the market. We are sure that even a new step-ladder will cost less than $500 unless this one was gold plated or have some embedded valuables.

When Prophets Get down to Poster Making

Every time we think that we know about all the wonders of this world something new and more astonishing comes to light. This poster and its maker is one such wonder. On first sight, you think it’s a regular poster which was torn by someone, but when you read it, the story is a lot different.

Source: cloudfront.net

This poster is about finding the lost part of it. We think that the maker was preparing a flyer for something when he had a future vision that someone will tear its lower half, so he decides to prepare for it in advance. Unfortunately, we don’t know the reward, contact or any other critical information including how the other half looks. So, unless you are free to match every piece of paper with this flyer, we suggest you just ignore it.

Job Opportunity at Google

Google is offering jobs to anyone who has relevant qualification and experience for the job. The best part is, you don’t even have to apply for the job. They already have all your information and bio-data. Getting your personal information is a part of this website, or at least that is what this poster maker thinks.

Source: cloudfront.net

It seems like the poster maker recently had data leakage, and he blames Google for it. Though we would like to comment on this poster, it’s better if we don’t. Who knows, Google may be tracking our content too, and we don’t want to lose our information or access to this site.

A Good Samaritan to a Beast

Every now and then someone or the else lose or find a pet and then place notices all around the city. On a glance, this poster about a found dog looks pretty reasonable, but by the time you reach the end, you will know the sad reality.

Source: twitter.com

It the beginning it states about the looks and details of the dog, like any Samaritan will describe. But then you reach the bottom and read the phrase “tasted like chicken.” It is at this point that you realize the Samaritan person was actually a cruel beast, and the dog is never returning to his owner.

If this poster is a joke, it’s pathetic, and if it’s real, it’s even worst.

The Alpacas Dog- Gertrude

A great personality once said, “Love doesn’t bother about the exterior looks,” and this poster is a clear proof of it. The owner loved his pet so much that he never realizes that it’s not even a dog. That is if he’s not crazy himself.

Source: me.me

Anyways we are not here to judge anyone, so if you see it anywhere, please inform his owner. You can also try to convince him that the animal he is looking for is an alpaca, not a dog.

Well, the good news is, this animal is not your usual come around. So, if this so-called dog was chasing a vehicle, possibilities are that the authorities would know of it. As for the owner, we suggest he should get a collar with his pets.

Unicorn- The Rare Mythical Beast

You may have seen many things in the world but a unicorn that’s more than we can process. This flyer clearly describes how this person left his door open and now his 1300 years old horse with a horn friend is missing. We don’t know where and how he found it, but we do know how traumatic experience it is to lose such a creature.

Source: cloudfront.net

Fortunately, we haven’t seen any wizard or giant lately, so we think that the unicorn will be safe. Maybe it has forgotten the way to home, or it’s wondering in time. Whatever it is, let’s hope that the family soon reunites with their pet. If you find it call the owner and approach with care. Remember, the creature has magical powers.

The Fireless Hell Hound with Single Head

Unfortunately, our knowledge of this world and its creature is limited. We don’t know what this creature is or if it’s even something real. As far as we know, even a dead dog doesn’t appear like this. Our best guess is, it’s the mysterious hell-hound without his fire.

Source: cloudfront.net

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing such a horrifying animal is, run as fast as your legs can carry you. As for the calling and reporting part, there is no way anyone will ever do it.

One thing we are sure of after seeing this poster is that it’s better to avoid streets at night, especially if you are weak hearted. Though some question like who owns this pet and why most of all what do you mean by “Because it has seen you,” still remains.

A Kind Invitation to Buglers

When we lose our home keys, we panic and prefer police help, but this guy is living in the future. He thinks that everyone around him is honest and stupid like him. If you wonder what we are talking about, have a look at the poster. It states that a set of keys which included a safe key, house key, and an automatic door opener was lost somewhere, which seems pretty reasonable.

Source: twitter.com

The thing that makes this flyer different is the fact that the person has given all his address details. He was also kind enough to mention that he is not at home until 5 pm. It’s like, inviting burglars to steal his possessions.

Either this person is confident about his strong security system, or he lacks the basic common sense. Whatever it is, we know for sure that he is going to learn a life lesson harshly.