Hysterical Street Posters That Will Have You Crying With Laughter!

Street posters are an excellent solution for informing the people around you about the possessions you have lost or found. They are short but informative, and people tend to read them as they don’t need much time for it.

If you have anything to tell, just make a flyer with something attractive so that it can drag attention of every passing by person and offer better results. A little innovation like funny lines, weird pictures and fast quotes are also appreciated.

However, some people are taking this flyer making to a whole new level. They take it to a stage where their innovation turns to stupidity. The 40 posters below are the best example of such extraordinary stupidity.

These are the pictures that can make you laugh, even in the most depressing times. Some of these posters are so weird that you will feel it difficult to decide whether to laugh at the content or feel sorry for the makers.

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