See If You Can Identify This Guy – Sketchy Cartographic Gone Wrong

As the old saying goes, crime does not pay, and those who are found guilty should be punished accordingly. Cartographic Sketch is an age-old method to help catch a criminal, but up to this day, police still rely on this method. Crime Sketch is where descriptions from eyewitnesses help create facial composites of a suspect. This method involves the witness specifying everything they remember about the potential criminal while an artist sketches the suspect.

Unfortunately, in some cases, cartographic sketches can be confusing and hilarious at the same time. With the list below, we cannot help but think that many perpetrators are running wild and free because the public is oblivious to how they actually look.

That Fro’ Looks Wild

Looking at this picture makes you wonder how wild witnesses’ mind can go. Have you ever thought what the lovechild of Michael Jackson and Charles Barkley looks like? You are welcome.



The sketch is a perfect real-life combination of the two popular celebrity in the world, Michael Jackson and Charles Barkley. Can you imagine Barkley’s face when he has Jackson’s unkempt hair? Bingo!

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