Wacky Photos that Capture Glitches in Reality

Sometimes in life, we encounter some inexplicable sights. We like to call them glitches in reality. A few of these trippy moments manage to challenge everything that we thought we knew. Some of these glitches are enough to make us feel like we’ve stumbled into the Matrix or entered some kind of parallel universe.

Others are gravity-defying and actually challenge the fundamental laws of Physics. Still, for some of these buggy moments, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation, due to a clever lighting trick or an optical illusion. Others are downright peculiar, hilariously funny or sheer coincidence, so we just had to look twice.

So let’s take a stroll through some of the most inexplicable, bizarre and incredible glitches ever captured.

Copy Cats

Whether these furry felines both had the same itch on their paw, or they were both practicing for the synchronized Olympics, this sighting was enough to make us all take a major double-take. So, if you’ve ever fantasized what a real copycat would look like in action, then this pair of cats are a winning combination.


Source: botasot.info

There’s no doubt that these copycats spend too much time together, as they look exactly like a mirror image. Perhaps they are really in tune with each other’s emotions and love to do everything together. In any case, it’s enough to make an onlooker stop and stare. We’re just wondering whether they’re about to break into a synchronized dance for the next shot.

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