WWE’s Funny and Possibly Regrettable Looks

Wrestling has been around for generations and it looks like it’s here to stay for generations to come. And while only wrestling fans will typically sit down to watch the actual matches, many people will tune in just to witness the flamboyance of it all. Let’s be honest – wrestling is basically an aggressive soap opera. And the fashion is not to be missed by any means!

From Brett Hart to The Rock to Dusty Rhodes, every era of wrestling had its fashion and style, and every wrestler had his own signature look. This piece is an homage to the wrestlers who took their flashiness to the utmost serious level and really brought it home.

So, let’s look back and enjoy a little laugh…

The Rock Before the Rock

20 years have passed since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made his wrestling debut on WWE (which was once WWF) as Rocky Maivia. Remember this character? Rocky Maivia wore what can only be described as party streamers. Yeah, I don’t have any other explanation for what they look like…

Rocky Maivia

Source: Sportskeeda

Surprisingly, as funny as this look was, this gimmick didn’t hurt his success as a wrestler. He won the Intercontinental Title, and then two years later, Johnson abandoned the Maivia persona and became the man that we now all know as the Rock. The Rock became one of the most popular wrestling personas of all time. While most young people know him as the big famous dude from action movies, wrestling fans know who he really is.

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