Subway Commuters That Make the Ride Back Home a Lot Less Boring

For a lot of us who commute to work every day, public transport can be tedious at the best of times and extremely stressful at the worst. And even if you only use it to get from A to B, it’s unlikely to end up being the highlight of your day. One thing is for certain, though – no matter how mundane public transport usually is, you never really know what you’re going to see.

After all, we have no say as to who we travel with, so that part is always a surprise. And sometimes, it really is a surprise! The world is full of wonderfully quirky people who refuse to comply with societal norms – and luckily for us, in this day and age, it’s easy to document everything we see that’s out of the ordinary. So, sit back and get comfortable, and read on to see the strangest, most anti-social commuters that the internet has to offer!

The Kitty in the Coat

It’s not uncommon to like traveling with a friend – after all, it’s someone to keep you company as you make your way to your destination. However, who’s to say that your friend has to be human – as this woman clearly realizes. She’s opted for bringing her cat along for the ride instead.



It’s obvious that this woman’s not looking for attention, by the way, she’s hiding the kitty in her coat and glaring at the person taking this photograph. But cats have to breathe, too – which is great news for the other passengers on the train, who were able to get a glimpse of the cute furball. Hopefully, for the woman’s sake, it didn’t get scared during the journey and hang on for dear life with its claws!

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