Making a Bucket List? Add These Places to It

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that you had to pinch yourself to check if you were dreaming or not? Well if you have, then you can safely say that you’ve been to a place worthy of being on anyone’s bucket list. But most of us can count those places on the one hand.

These are all places in the world that travel bloggers have recommended as a must-visit item on your bucket list. So if you’re looking for where to go next or what to see before your days on this earth are over, these are absolute must-sees.


Patti described her experience of Antarctica on her blog The Savvy Globetrotter. She said it could best be described as “hauntingly beautiful” and simply stunning.  She said there was never a moment when the scenery became boring or just a backdrop.


Source: Surreal Beauty of Antartica

Patti said that it was beautiful “all day, every day.” She hardly slept the entire plane ride because she couldn’t stop looking outside at the scenery. Keep note that Antarctica has 20 hours of daylight, so there’s plenty of time to take in the beauty of it all.

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