The Men & Women of WWE Past: What They’re Up to Now

Anyone who isn’t a wrestling fan will scratch their heads in wonder as to what it so interesting or appealing about professional wrestling. But if you ask fans, they’ll give you a whole handful of reasons for why they used to and still do watch WWE. Wrestling has a huge following, and those who love it say that it’s not only about the wrestling itself or about the athletes showing off their skills.


Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Peter Brooker, Shutterstock / John Barrett, Shutterstock / Peter Brooker, Shutterstock / John Barrett, Shutterstock

There are so many layers to professional wrestling, including the storylines, the heroes and villains, all the mystery and so on and so forth. It’s basically a play (or a soap opera) being told in a ring instead of onstage. Like soap operas, WWE has remained popular as the years have gone by. And that’s exactly why this list exists. Here are all the popular wrestlers and their net worth and what they’re doing now.

See who’s still in the industry, who has passed away, and which ones are still making millions wearing eccentric costumes and beating each other up in the ring.

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