The Crown vs. Real-Life Royalty: How Do They Compare?

The first season of The Crown, which aired in 2016, was the most expensive in history. But Season Four’s budget of over $118 million might just take the cake. The creators of the award-winning series purposely choose actors that capture the look and essence of their real royal counterparts. As most of us already know, the cast changes every couple of seasons to keep up with the progressing years. And what might be even more appealing than the actual series and plotline itself is seeing who is going to portray the characters in the royal bunch and how they compare to the real people.


Photo by Daily Mail, Shutterstock / Source:, Copyright: Netflix / Photo by Mike Hollist, Daily Mail, Shutterstock / Source:, Copyright: Netflix

Whether you’re just starting the addictive series or just finished and now find yourself searching the Internet for anything just to keep it alive for that much longer, this will be fun. We take a look at the characters of The Crown to see how they compare to their real-life equals.

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