Here’s to Cheers! The Show That Took Us off the Sofa and into the Pub

On May 20, 1993, we said farewell to the Boston bar locals who had warmed our hearts for nearly a decade. After 275 episodes in 11 seasons, we were beyond the point of knowing everybody’s name. We fell in love with the characters and knew what each one would say in pretty much every situation. Now we know just how impactful Cheers was, but the show almost didn’t make it through Season One.


Photo by Paramount Tv / Kobal / Shutterstock (left and right)

Like many of TV’s greatest success stories, Cheers wasn’t an instant hit. It premiered on September 30, 1982, to miserable ratings: 77th place out of 100 shows just that week. But thanks to Brandon Tartikoff, the president of NBC’s entertainment division, the show was saved. And, as we all know, it not only remained on our screens but entered our hearts and minds for years.

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