Michael’s Legacy Lives On: Get to Know Paris Jackson

It’s not easy to be the child of a celebrity, especially if you’re the daughter of a massive superstar like Michael Jackson. If you’re born into a Hollywood family, you automatically become famous and gain massive media attention. There has been a lot of controversy, scandal, and drama that came out about the singer after his death in 2009, but his daughter Paris wishes people would just let him rest in peace. Despite all the media scrutiny, Michael Jackson is still a legend, and the Jackson talent dynasty continues with his stunning daughter, Paris.


Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Source: YouTube / Shutterstock / Instagram / Photo by Matt Baron, Shutterstock / Instagram

Everyone remembers 11-year-old Paris’s heartbreaking speech at her father’s memorial. But the King of Pop’s daughter is all grown up now and is a star in her own right. Despite her name and good looks, Paris has gone through a lot and her life seems to be an inspiration for many. Despite her self-esteem issues, she is shining brightly at just 22 years old.

This is the gorgeous and talented Paris Jackson.

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