One Man’s Photoshopping Skills Make Kendall Jenner’s Serious Photos Hilarious

Some would say that twins Kirby and Kendall Jenner are inseparable – they hang out together, appear on the red carpet together, and share some of their most memorable moments. But, in reality, Kirby is a huge Kardashian/Jenner fan with impeccable photo editing skills, which he uses to create hilarious alternatives to the supermodel’s photos. Here are some of the best.

Together We Stand Strong

These two look like they could take on the world together and that nothing could come between them. But, although the outfits are similar, Kirby hasn’t quite managed to nail the sultry-yet-innocent facial expression!


Source: Instagram

In reality, however, it’s just another of Kendall’s professional modeling photos that have been cleverly Photoshopped by Kirby – with hilarious results.

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