“Why Didn’t I Think of That!?”: Shark Tank’s Most Memorable Products

Shark Tank is one of the best reality shows on TV for a few reasons. For one, you get to see what the entrepreneurs are bringing to the table, and seeing what the judges consider worthwhile investments as well as those they literally laugh at on the spot. Another reason the show is so great is that the ideas are real, which means the products are real too. And some of these products are ones that make you think “why didn’t I think of that?”


Source: youthvillage.co.ke

While some people come on to the show with existing businesses and inventions that they made into products that are already being sold, there are also those who come to the show with nothing other than an idea and a business model, hopeful that the sharks will invest in them.

This is a list of products that you may or may not have seen on Shark Tank that are on the shelves, both in actual stores and online. Some inventions may seem a little ridiculous and some are potentially lifesaving. You can be the judge. See which products you’ve seen in an episode and which you yourself would be willing to buy!

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