Products From Shark Tank That Make You Say “Why Didn’t I Think of That!?”

Shark Tank is one of the best shows on TV for a few reasons. For one, you get to see what the entrepreneurs are bringing to the table, and seeing what the judges consider worthwhile investments as well as those they literally laugh at on the spot. Another reason the show is so great is that the ideas are real, which means the products are real too. And some of these products are ones that make you think “why didn’t I think of that?”

While some people come on to the show with existing businesses and inventions that they made into products that are already being sold, there are also those who come to the show with nothing other than an idea and a business model, hopeful that the sharks will invest in them.

This is a list of products that you may or may not have seen on Shark Tank that are on the shelves, both in actual stores and online. Some inventions may seem a little ridiculous and some are potentially lifesaving. You can be the judge. See which products you’ve seen in an episode and which you yourself would be willing to buy!

The Original Comfy

The Comfy is a product that was developed by two single dads who call themselves “The Comfy Bros.” They appeared on the show in December 2017 and impressed the judges, receiving an offer from Barbara Corcoran. Now, The Comfy has been hugely successful, being featured in Country Living, Business Insider, The Lad Bible, Buzzfeed, and other popular sites.

Source: Pinterest

The Comfy is how it looks – a hoodie and blanket in one. You may have seen the Snuggie, but this is a really fluffy version that also has a hood. It comes in nine colors, and you can accessorize with the matching slippers.

The Illumibowl

This product has taken over and is one of the coolest things on the market for your bathroom that you never even knew you needed. The idea for the product was how sometimes when it’s late at night and you have to go to the bathroom, you don’t always want to turn on a bright light. So instead of being blinded and having the issue of taking forever to fall asleep afterward, the Illumibowl solves your problem.

Source: Firebox

It’s basically a night-light for your toilet. It’s bright enough to see what you’re doing, but not too bright that it hurts your eyes or stimulates your brain to wake up. And the fun part? It comes in different colors. There’s also a germ defense version that fights bacteria in your toilet!

The next product speaks to the glasses-wearing majority of the population. See what it is!


More the majority of us who wear glasses, this is a product that has some real value. Like many of the Shark Tank items, this product solves a certain problem that you may never have even considered to be marketable. Anyone with glasses knows the annoying hindrance of them sliding down your nose when you bend down.

Source: Vimeo

Nerdwax is the answer to that minor yet real problem. You put a little bit of the substance on your nose where you want your glasses to stay, and they stay there! The company also has cleaning cloths for your glasses shaped like slices of pizza and unicorns, so they’re fun as well as practical.

The Drop Stop

Pretty much everyone who has a car will be interested in this one. It’s happened to every driver that has a cell phone. Who hasn’t had their cellphone slip down the gap between the seat and the middle console? This irritating issue can be solved now with the Drop Stop.

Source: Gazette Review

The product is a soft neoprene filler to close off that gap inside your car. Something so simple, yet so genius. They come at a good price too, with a deal where you can two for under $20. One for you and one for that someone special who also drops their phone repeatedly in the car.

The next Shark Tank product is for anyone who cuts food. Yeah, pretty general, right?

Cup Board Pro

This is one of those products that make you think “Why didn’t I think of that?” it’s also one of the coolest inventions from the show. The Cup Board Pro is a cutting board with an attachment for scraps, and it was created by fireman and Firehouse Chef Keith Young..

Source: Cut Board Pro

Tragically, he passed away before realizing what his invention would become and so his kids had to present the invention on the show His children presented the product to the Sharks and not only did they get a deal, but they got investments from each one.

Baker’s Edge

Is there anyone here who doesn’t like the crispy edges on the brownies? We didn’t think so. Those crispy edges are the best part, right? With this product, every brownie has a crispy edge. So it’s basically every brownie lover’s dream.

Source: Wilkinson Brothers

The Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan has dividers that shape your brownies into a brownie snake. It’s a perfect purchase for you and anyone you know who likes to bake. By the way, brownie pans aren’t the only products from this company. They also make muffin pans, lasagna pans, and more.

The Lumio

Lumio is a product that is both picturesque and useful at the same time. The classic Lumio is shaped like a book with fans open to make an accordion-like lamp. The minimalist and sleek design makes it a pretty fixture for any household.

Source: YouTube

It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for the perfect gift, it’s worth spending the $150. Entrepreneur Max Gunawan designed this product and while every shark showed interest in the lamp, Mark Cuban was the first shark to ask Gunawan about his vision for the company. He knew he was onto something big.

If you love seeing dogs in costumes, you’re going to love the next product!

Safe Grabs

Cooking is one of the biggest industries and good products that assist people in the kitchen are going to be successful. And Safe Grabs is a perfect example. They’re silicone mats that are intended to be put underneath anything you microwave so that you grab your food without burning your hands or needing to use a dish towel.

Source: Dezitec

The product is so simple and so necessary. You can use the mat on a hot pan, as a food cover, and even as a placemat. And you can even open hard-to-open jars with it. What’s better than a versatile item?

The next product is in the baby market – one of the biggest out there!

Hatch Baby Rest

Just when you thought there was a product for every single baby-related thing possible, the Hatch Baby came along. Hatch Baby isn’t reinventing anything, but what it does is update an old standard: the night light. Hatch Baby Rest is more than just a night light, though.

Source: Mashable

It’s also a white noise machine, and you can control it all from your phone. Age old baby issues meet the modern age. Hatch Baby also has a website that prides themselves on answering real parents’ questions. And what parent doesn’t have questions?

The Grypmat

Grypmat is one of those must-have products for anyone who gets their hands dirty. Not only does this product organize your tools, it also grips to vehicles by itself. It’s really useful if you need to get under the hood of your car.

Source: Toledo Blade

The mat is high friction making it easily sit wherever you put it and something as simple as that can really change your life if you use tools on a daily basis. The mat comes in different sizes, making it possible to use on anything from a car to an airplane.

The Frywall

Here’s another highly useful kitchen product that can make cooking so much easier and more fun at the same time. Frywall is a home cook’s favorite, solving one of the most common problems when cooking or frying anything: splatter!

Source: Gazette Review

Making sauce or soup? Sick of red dots all over the area? The Frywall is what you need. It’s a cone that you put on your pots and pans. The best part is you can just throw it in the dishwasher when you’re done.

Let’s see another pet product that every pet owner will want!

Aquapaw Slow Treaters

Aquapaw has more to offer for dog owners. The Slow Treater is something that can be used at the time your dog is getting bathed or as a treat dispenser in general. But if you use it while bathing them, it’s definitely going to make the process even smoother.

Source: YouTube

The Slow Treater sticks to your shower wall and basically distracts your dog from their hated shower experience by slowly dispensing a tablespoon of peanut butter. How genius is that?

Speaking of peanut butter. Are you hungry? Check out the next amazing product.

Kodiak Cakes

Kodiak is combining an important nutrient and favorite breakfast food. Protein pancakes that actually taste good is what Kodiak Cakes is all about. These give your body fuel with protein while tasting delicious. They’ve got more than just pancakes, too.

Source: Fox 13

Kodiak Cakes also has waffles and cornbread. Kodiak Cakes is one of the best-selling Shark Tank products of all time which doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Any way to eat healthy food that also tastes good is going to be a success!

Radiate Portable Campfire

The Radiate Campfire was on season nine of Shark Tank and made a real impact on the sharks, getting three offers. The product is pretty genius – a portable campfire! The portable campfires are reusable and last three to five hours by burning recycled soy wax and paper blocks inside of tin.

Source: Odditymall

Even more so, the product has a thirty-year shelf life, and you don’t have to worry about embers, smoky smells, and soot. The units also come in different scents (, Eucalyptus, Holiday, and unscented), and they’re the perfect items for campers and beach lovers alike.


To be honest, everyone should use BetterBack. It’s something you to sit with to give you perfect posture and ease existing back pain. It will essentially prevent new back pain from emerging. It can be worn either standing or sitting, and even using it for only fifteen minutes a day can fix your default posture.


The ergonomic product can also come with memory foam or a heating and cooling pad as an added bonus for those who want the full package. Betterback offers a sixty-day home trial, by the way (for those with a fear of commitment).

The next inventors created a new sport. And it’s spreading like wildfire!

The Hoodie Pillow

Similar to the Comfy, which added a hoodie to an existing invention, the Hoodie Pillow added a hood to a pillow. And it’s really resonating with people. Hoodie Pillow is a pillowcase with a hood – that’s it. It’s made of sweatshirt material, has holes for your headphones and even a pocket for your phone. It’s perfect for anyone who needs the room completely dark in order to sleep well.

Source: Hoodie Pillow

It’s also great for all those college students with annoying roommates, people on planes, and light sleepers. The company appeared on Shark Tank in 2013, and their product is making a dent.

Next – a product that will show you that how you’re going to the bathroom is all wrong!

The Squatty Potty

An unfortunate truth is that almost everyone is going to the bathroom the wrong way. Sorry to be the one to tell you. What you’re supposed to do is squat. The Squatty Potty is all about correcting our poor pooping behavior and make bowel movements a whole lot easier.

Source: TVOvermind

The Squatty Potty is simply a stool for you to put your feet on while you go number 2 that puts you in a squatting position, which is the ideal position. Medical case studies have been done about proper toilet posture and this is actually proven to help you do the deed correctly. That might be why the Squatty Potty is by far one of the most informative and successful Shark Tank products ever!

Line Cutterz Ring

Before Line Cutterz, people had to cut fishing line with their teeth or have to deal with the awkward maneuver of holding a live fish on a rod in one hand and a knife in the other. It wasn’t very efficient and it could be messy. But then Line Cutterz came along and change fishing forever.

Source: eBay

The company founder Vance Zahorski patented his line-cutting ring design before appearing on an episode of Shark Tank’s 8th season. After a winning deal, the product has expanded beyond cutting rings to an entire line of fishing gear. The rings come in multiple colors including glow in the dark.

Dude Wipes

It may sound like a masculine product, but the name is a tad deceiving. Dude Wipes aren’t just for dudes, regardless of their masculine packaging. The wipes are for anyone who thinks that toilet paper isn’t enough.

Source: The Business Journals

These wipes are flushable and a much better option than the baby wipes that many people keep in their bathroom which can lead to clogged toilets and damaged plumbing. The dudes appeared on an episode of the 7th seasons of Shark Tank and got a deal with Mark Cuban. The company now has shower products, an Amazon button, and a deal with Target. Good for them!

The Beard Bib

Any man who shaves has a wife who gets irritated by all the hairs that lie around on and around the sink afterward. The company’s signature product is a Beard Bib, which is exactly what it sounds like. You put the bib on and let all the beard trimmings fall into the giant bib to reduce clean-up time.

Source: Beard King

Beard King went on Shark Tank in January 2016, and their sales grew 400% in just one day. Their success continued to skyrocket after the episode and the product is a major seller still to this day. It’s likely bought by bearded and non-bearded (the wives) customers alike!

The next product was made by a family of NFL players!

The Ice Shaker

This one’s for the protein shake drinkers. The Ice Shaker is a shaker bottle that keeps your protein mush cold for over thirty hours! Who needs their protein shake for that long is beyond us. But the point is that people love it and the product is making sales. It was developed by the Gronkowski brothers.

Source: YouTube

One of the brothers, Chris, used to be a fullback for the Cowboys, the Colts, and the Broncos. All five brothers are involved in the business somehow, and four of them played professional football with the NFL. Talk about a family business!

The Ring

Since appearing on Shark Tank and not getting any offers from the sharks, Ring has been purchased by Amazon for a massive amount of money, becoming more and more commonplace in American homes as we speak.

Source: CNBC

Ring is a smart doorbell. It’s a video doorbell that streams live video of your front door to your smartphone, saving a recording of its feed so you always know what’s going on. It also signals when someone is on your property and lets you speak to them from wherever you are. How did the sharks not invest?

The Breathometer

The Breathometer appeared on the show’s 5th season, giving people a way to check their blood alcohol content through their smartphone. Yes, it speaks to the drivers who also like to have a drink or two while staying in the legal limit!

Source: TV Guide

Founder Charles Yim signed with Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, and Laurie Greiner. The business is expanding, introducing a new product that focuses on oral health.

Still hungry? You might want to buy the next food product!

Bubba’s Q-Boneless Ribs

Season 5 was in for a tasty treat when people got to meet Bubba and his boneless ribs. Founder Al “Bubba” Baker brought his ribs to the show and signed a deal with Daymond John, allowing him to expand his business to more than 150 retail stores including Costco and Sears.

Source: NFL Alumni Association

As their website states: “If you are looking for fall-off-the-bone-tender, look no further than our patented Bubba’s Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs! Our succulent Boneless Ribs start as a slab of ribs, and through an intensive process, we slide the bones right out leaving nothing but tender meat to be eaten with a fork and knife! As Seen on ABC’s hit shows Shark Tank & Beyond the Tank!”


Founder Rick Hopper solved a small yet classic problem when he introduced his product ReadeRest. The magnetic clip allows people to hold onto their reading glasses without losing them. Shark Lori Greiner signed a deal for the product.

Source: Gazette Review

ReadeRest has made about $1.5 million in sales within two years of appearing on the show. Not bad for something that may seem as simple as it looks!

The next product is a solution to a wannabe musician’s problem!


The sock company made a deal with Daymond John and quickly became one of his most successful investments. Today, Bombas is one of the biggest Shark Tank successes. The company has been profitable since 2016, bring in around $50 million in revenue in 2017.

Source: Shark Tank Blog

The non-investing sharks, who even referred to the founders as “sock cockroaches,” clearly weren’t aware of the real potential their company had and missed out on a lucrative product.

Simple Sugars

Lani Lazzari is a young entrepreneur who landed a deal in Shark Tank’s 6th season with her company, Simple Sugars. Lazzari got a deal with Mark Cuban, expanding her line of all-natural skin care.

Source: Pinterest

Simple Sugars was a two-person company before it appeared on the show. Sales exploded overnight, and she hired 22 people in one week, working non-stop for weeks to catch up on manufacturing products and shipping orders. Mark Cuban said, “We received over 70,000 orders from new customers following our show, and this gave us the foundation and momentum we needed to continue growing.”

Cousins Maine Lobster

After appearing on Shark Tank in its 6th season, Cousins Maine Lobster quickly became one of the show’s most successful hall of farmers. They’re a food truck company that signed a deal with Barbara Corcoran, and ever since have become a hit nationwide.

Source: CNBC

One of the two cousins, Jim Tselikis, said: “My cousin Sabin left Maine for Southern California in 2006… He loved his new home, but when I came to visit him in 2011, I could tell he felt nostalgic for Maine… We eventually arrived at the topic of food and discussed the iconic staple of Maine – lobster. We agreed that the Maine lobster experience was an institution and California was missing out. Maine lobster was about cracking open a bright red lobster at a picnic table packed with family and friends, making a delicious mess, sharing and enjoying the bounty of the cold water you just swam in, caught by a family friend a few hours earlier. We knew there was an opportunity to bring this experience to the West Coast!”