Remember Step by Step? Some Cast Members Are Out of the Spotlight

“Step by step, day by day, a fresh start over, a different hand to play, the deeper we fall, the stronger we stay, and we’ll be better, the second time around!” Remember the song? The ‘90s was a classic decade ripe with some of the best family sitcoms. But for some reason, Step by Step falls just under the radar and doesn’t seem to get the admiration it deserves. It’s one of those sitcoms that was thoroughly enjoyed back in the day, only to be forgotten. That is until someone says to you: “Hey, remember Step by Step? I wonder what they look like now!”


Source:, Copyright: Bickley-Warren Productions, Lorimar Television, Miller Boyett Productions (left and right)

Well, let’s just say that this “someone” is us, and instead of asking you, we’re just going to show you. Despite the fact that Step by Step was a big hit, many of the actors and actresses never continued their time in the limelight. Here is the cast of Step by Step as well as some of the more juicy facts from behind the scenes.

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