Are You Afraid of the Dark? Meet The Paranormal Mom Society

The Paranormal Mom Society (PMS) is a group of women who spend their free time participating in a strange hobby: investigating the paranormal. Christie Carpenter-Chaidez and her neighbors found a tiny electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) recorder on eBay and decided to buy it. They walked through the gates of Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery to test it out for the first time. The abandoned graveyard is located on the edge of a forest in Midlothian, Illinois and is known for its paranormal activity.


Source: Facebook, Paranormal Moms Society (SM) / / Facebook, Paranormal Moms Society (SM)

According to the story, back in the 1920s, the mob used the cemetery to dispose of dead bodies. Whether it’s a myth or a legend, the cemetery is no stranger to spooky sightings. People have seen pale ghostly figures, phantom cars whipping down the street, and orbs of lights floating around at night.

This is how a few moms became ghost hunters and created PMS, a team that investigates the paranormal.

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