Ever Dined in an Underwater Restaurant?

This is Under; Europe’s first underwater restaurant. It recently opened its doors on March 20th, 2019. It’s located at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline, where the north and south seas meet. The restaurant also functions as a research center for marine life. It gives tribute to the sea wildlife and to the coastline of Norway.

A Dual Meaning

In Norwegian, “under” has two meanings: “below” and “wonder.” So it couldn’t be more of a fitting name. It’s half-sunken into the sea, as the building is 34 meters, breaking the surface of the water to sit directly on the seabed five meters below. It sits 5.5 meters under the surface.


Source: Snohetta

It was designed to integrate into its marine environment over time. The roughness of the concrete will function as an artificial reef, welcoming limpets and kelp to live there. Diners can enjoy the restaurant’s massive window with a view of the seabed which changes throughout the seasons and varying weather conditions.

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