A Boy with a Dream Became a Man with Balloons. Meet Lawn Chair Larry

“This is TWA 231, level at 16,000 feet. We have a man in a chair attached to balloons in our ten-o’clock position, range five miles.”

It was July 2, 1982, and Delta and TWA airline pilots watched, with their jaws on the floor, as they began their descent into Los Angeles International Airport. Why were they in awe? Well, they thought they were witnessing a UFO with their own eyes. They radioed the control tower that there was an unidentified object.


Source: Twitter / Facebook, Lawnchair Pilot

They described what appeared to be a man sitting in a lawn chair – with a pistol in hand – cruising along at 16,000 feet. As it turned out, it was technically a UFO, just not the alien kind. It was 33-year-old Larry Walters, who happened to be fulfilling a childhood dream – a dream that ultimately claimed his life (but not in the way you’re thinking). Larry actually landed safely… it’s the aftermath of this flight that took a toll on him.

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