Ally McBeal Made Waves, but It Wasn’t All About the Show

Ahh, you gotta love the sexy legal dramedies of the ‘90s/’00s, right? And if there’s a show that sits above the rest in this category, it’s gotta be Ally McBeal. It’s been two decades since the series stopped airing in 2002. But during its five-season run, people at home were hooked. It all started when David E. Kelley was asked to create a hit show that could essentially piggy-back off Melrose Place (which had high ratings among the young female demographic).


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Kelley was the brains behind Chicago Hope and The Practice, after all. So when he came up with Ally McBeal in 1997, he basically struck small-screen gold. It was such a pop culture phenomenon right off the bat that it landed on the cover of Time magazine in 1998. That alone sparked conversations about the then-current state of feminism.

So what are the stars of the show up to these days?

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