The Uncanny Jim Twins: Reunited After 39 Years

Meet Jim and Jim

At first glance, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer appear to have nothing in common… except for their names, of course. Although they don’t look alike, the Jims are identical twins who were separated when they were just three weeks old. Each baby was adopted by a different family back in 1940 and didn’t see each other again for 39 years. The entire time, they were unknowingly living a mere 40 miles apart from each other.

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. Source: Pinterest

When Jim Lewis was five years old, he found out he had a twin, but he explained that the notion never really “soaked in” until he was 38. Jim Springer learned about his twin when he was eight, but for some reason, his adoptive parents believed his twin had died. When the twins eventually reunited, they quickly realized they have way more similarities than just their first name.

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