Was it an Accident or a Murder? The Case of the Yoga Twins

Twins are so fascinating, especially identical twins. The fact that two people share the same DNA and a special bond that began in the womb is extremely special. As intriguing as a twin connection is, at times, it can be toxic. In some cases, sharing the same DNA with someone and feeling like you are constantly being compared to your sibling can lead to jealously, resentment, and sometimes even hatred.


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Anastasia and Alexandria Duval are known as the “yoga twins” because they were yoga studio owners. The sisters worked together, lived together, and spent a lot of time with each other. From the outside, it seems like they had it all: a thriving yoga business, incredibly good looks, and, most important, they had one another. But, in reality, they had a twisted relationship, filled with envy and fights. Then one of their arguments got out of hand and ended with Anastasia’s death.

The big question is, was it an accident or murder? This is the shocking story of the Duval twins, aka The Yoga Twins.

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