Before She Became Famous: Ellen DeGeneres on Her ‘90s Sitcom

Ellen DeGeneres had her first lead role on a show called These Friends of Mine. To avoid any confusion between the other popular sitcom of the ‘90s called Friends, the name was changed to Ellen for the second season. This show broke barriers that the television companies had put up. At one point, there was even a parental advisory warning that came up before episodes. Ellen started airing in March 1994 and ran for five seasons before its cancellation for controversial content.


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Nowadays, this show wouldn’t be censored or canceled for being what it is. But we have Ellen DeGeneres to thank for this. After pushing to come out in real life as well as on the TV show, she changed the content that sitcoms and other television shows aired. More recently, DeGeneres has been back in the spotlight due to her latest controversy. This is the story of Ellen DeGeneres and the rest of the cast members who were part of this moment in history.

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