It’s All About the Money – the Biggest Sports Contracts Ever

When we think of wealthy and famous people, our minds turn to the world of sport. For only playing games on fields and courts, some individuals can earn truly astronomical sums of money. Their unique talents and skills, honed through years of practice and perseverance, have most definitely paid off in the end, with many of the biggest stars of professional leagues like the NFL, NBA, and MLB being among the wealthiest celebrities on the planet. Let’s take a look at five of the most significant sports contracts ever.

Manny Machado

Manuel Arturo Machado, known to his fans and followers as Manny Machado, is a Dominican-American third baseman and shortstop with the San Diego Padres in the MLB. An exceptionally talented baseball player from an early age, Machado signed an astonishing $300 million contract with his current team in 2019.


Source: (Photo: Nick Wass, AP)

He made his MLB debut back in August of 2012 and was on the All-Star team by 2013. He has also been awarded multiple Gold Glove awards and has been favorably compared to baseball Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson for his ability and technique.

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