Dog Onesies That Protect Reduce Their Anxiety and Keep Your House Fur-Free!

While there are tons of benefits to owning a dog, one of the necessary evils is all the hair and fur that you have to deal with. For those breeds that make your home into a festival of fur, a doggie onesie can be a lifesaver. The Shed Defender promises to solve that particular problem and a host of others, including your pup’s anxiety!

The Shed Defender

The Shed Defender is a onesie for your dog. the description on Amazon reads: “ The patent-pending Shed Defender is a onesie that contains the dog’s hair within the suit to reduce the shedding, perfect for in the house, car, or anywhere you don’t want to leave a trail of hair!


Source: Amazon

What’s amazing is that it helps dog anxiety, which is really a thing! “ It helps to reduce anxiety – the snug fit and gentle pressure give the dog a calming effect .”

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