Welcome to the Royal Family, Hanna Jaff

In early 2020, while the world was preoccupied with the pandemic, something else took hold of the UK. The British royal family learned that another celebrity from across the pond would be joining the bunch. The tabloids were crying déjà vu, seeing as how King Edward VIII and Prince Harry, to name a few, also married foreigners. It looks like it’s even becoming a trend (as much as the Queen would love that).


Source: Instagram / @hannajaff (left and right)

Seeing that the House of Windsor seems to be becoming more modern, many who follow the royal family can’t help but wonder: is the future of the Crown at risk? So, who is the new soon-to-be royal? Well, you might even recognize Hanna Jaff seeing that she starred in Netflix’s reality show Made in Mexico. But, Jaff is more than just a TV star. She became instantly famous when her fiancé Henry Roper-Curzon (Sarah Ferguson’s nephew) proposed to her in the Swiss Alps.

So who is this young woman?

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