The Most Incredible Moments Ever Captured On Planes

There’s really something about airplanes. Maybe it’s the flight food, or being in such a small confined space for a long time, but it can really fill people with anticipation. It can also bring out the strangest and most hilarious sides of people.

Whether you’re going overseas, a weekend getaway, traveling with loved ones or embarking on a business trip, we totally understand that the idea of flying to a new place is enough to make you giddy with excitement. You really never know what’s in store, or what thrilling adventure lies ahead.

Still, when you board the flight, you also can never really be sure of what set of characters you’ll meet or what you’ll experience. The flight might even bring out the strangest side of you. And these strange personalities and odd characters can be a recipe for some pretty hilarious photos. So let’s take a look at the most incredible moments ever captured on planes.

Reality Hurts

If you’ve ever traveled on a plane with small children, then you’ll be able to relate to this situation. Parenting struggles like these are real, and don’t just happen on planes, this scenario could pretty much happen anywhere. This tired daddy has clearly learned the hard way that even if his child is balancing on his head, at least his finally sitting down.



On most airplane journeys, it’s easy for kids to get restless and want to see everything that’s going on around them. So if your child is restless and refuses to sit on the seat, then your neck can be the next best thing for a seat. We just hope he didn’t stay there the whole flight!

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