The Real Life Partners of the Grey’s Anatomy Cast

Grey’s Anatomy was first aired on ABC on March 27, 2005. The show revolves around the personal lives and career of Meredith Grey and other medical staffs. The drama series was initially seen as just another regular American TV series, but as the series continued, everyone got hooked with the life of the lead act Meredith Grey and the other cast.

The series which first began focusing on the challenging lives of surgical interns progressed into showing these characters blossom into residents, attending physicians and for some, heads of surgical departments. Although it is a medical series, you can easily place it in the category of romantic drama.

With 14 seasons, it holds the 10th position as one of the longest-running scripted primetime TV series in the US, with a large fan base.

As fans of the TV series, we are equally as interested in their on-screen relationships as we are with the relationships of the actors in real!

So, who are the real-life partners of the amazing cast of Grey’s Anatomy?

Ellen Pompeo & Chris Ivery

Ellen Pompeo got her big break when she was cast in Grey’s Anatomy as Meredith Grey. Barely a few months before Pompeo made her debut in Grey’s Anatomy, she featured in an episode of Friends where she played the character of Missy Goldberg.

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In 2003, Pompeo met her now-husband Chris Ivery, a music producer, while she was shopping at a grocery store in Los Angeles. The duo began dating 6 months after their first meeting. Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery got married in 2007, and now have three children together.

Patrick Dempsey & Jillian Fink

Patrick Dempsey played the role of Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd and was the hospital’s most charming neurosurgeon. His fans were shocked when he left the TV series in 2015. The following year, he featured in Bridget Jones’s Baby.

The actor married makeup artist and hairstylist Jillian Fink in 1999, and they have three children together. In January 2015, Patrick and Jillian announced their plans to divorce. However, after a brief split up, they reconciled in May the same year.


Justin Chambers & Keisha Chambers

Justin Chambers, one of Grey’s Anatomy longest-lasting characters, played the role of Alex Karev. Unlike his character in the TV series, Justin has maintained a steady relationship with his wife, Keisha Chambers since 1993, with whom he has 5 adorable children!


The couple first met in 1992 while Justin was working as a model for Calvin Klein Ad company where Keisha was working as a model agency booker. A year later, they tied the nuptial knot secretly.

Sara Ramirez & Ryan DeBolt

Sara Ramirez made her first appearance in the second season of Grey’s Anatomy, where she played the role of the well-loved Dr. Callie Torres. Like many of the medical drama’s stars, Sara Ramirez’s role as Callie brought her into the limelight.


Sara Ramirez got married to banker Ryan DeBolt in 2012. However, Samira shocked everyone when she revealed that she was bisexual in 2016. Despite that, there’s been no indication of controversy between the couple.

Camilla Luddington & Matthew Alan

Camilla Luddington played the character Jo Wilson, a surgical resident, in the show. She made her debut into the show during the 9th season. The British beauty also played Kate Middleton in Lifetime’s movie William & Kate.


Camilla is currently engaged to 13 Reasons Why actor Matthew Alan, who also guest starred in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Camilla and Matthew welcomed their first child and daughter Hayden, in April 207.

Kevin McKidd and Arielle Goldrath

Scottish actor Kevin McKidd he came into the show during the 5th season and played Dr. Owen Hunt. Though known for his occasionally unorthodox methods, Dr. Hunt is one of the hospital’s most talented surgeons.


Kevin McKidd has two children with his ex-wife Jane Parker. However, in March last year, he got married to Chef Arielle Goldrath in a private ceremony while they were expecting their first child.

Sarah Drew & Peter Lanfer

Sarah Drew joined the show during the sixth season, playing the role of April Kepner – an attending trauma surgeon at the hospital. April is portrayed as a non-social religious Christian, who often prays for her patients before they start any surgical operation. Similar to her character in the TV series, Sarah Drew is a devoted Christian and is the daughter and sister of a pastor.


Sarah Drew is married to UCLA professor Peter Lanfer. The couple started dating before Drew started her acting career and now have 2 children together. She revealed in an interview that her husband traditionally wooed her with a love letter

T.R Knight & Patrick Leahy

T.R Knight played Dr. George O’Malley and initially started off as an intern in the first season of the show. Knight, however, opted out from his $14 million contracts, leaving the show in 2009.


Knight’s departure from the show was stirred when his costar Isaiah Washington allegedly called him a faggot. In 2013, T.R Knight got married to his partner of 3 years, ballet dancer and writer Patrick Leahy.

Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley

Katherine Heigl is one of the original stars of Grey’s Anatomy and played Izzie Stevens. She was one of the surgical interns from the 1st season of the show. Izzie is a fan favorite and her relationship with a dying patient, Denny Duquette Jr., was the highlight of the 2nd season.


After 5 years of being on the show, Katherine left, leaving her fans devastated. According to Katherine, she took a break to focus on building a home with her husband, Josh Kelley. Katherine and her musician husband got married in 2007, and they have three children together.

James Pickens Jr. & Gina Taylor-Pickens

James Pickens Jr. played the character, Dr Richard Webber. His character was also the former Chief of Surgery, at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Aside from appearing in Grey’s Anatomy, he is also known for his role in the fiction series The X-Files.


Pickens Jr. has been married to his wife Gina Taylor-Pickens since 1984, and they are still happily married. Gina Taylor was a member of Musique. The couple have two children together, both pursuing careers in show biz.

Jesse Williams & Aryn Drake-Lee

Jesse Williams portrayed Jackson Avery – the Head of Plastic Surgery and attending ENT at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. His character was also one of the staff who joined from Mercy West Medical Center after the merger.


Jesse Williams is also a director, teacher, and activist. Williams married longtime partner Aryn Drake-Lee in 2012. They are blessed with two children – Sadie and Maceo.

Katherine Burton & Michael Ritchie

Kate Burton is well-known for her role as Ellie Grey in the drama series. She appeared in 19 episodes and played the part of a brilliant surgeon but a difficult mother to her daughter, Meredith Grey.


In real life, Kate Burton is married to Michael Ritchie, and they share 2 children. The couple first met at the Square Theatre in New York in 1982, and they proceeded to get married 3 years later.

Brooke Smith & Steve Lubensky

Brooke Smith played the role of outspoken Dr. Erica Hahn in Grey’s Anatomy. However, she was abruptly fired from the TV series in 2008. There were speculations that she was let go because of her lesbian role.


Beyond the screen, Brooke Smith has been married to cinematographer Steve Lubensky since January 6, 1999, and they share 2 children.

Debra Monk & John Miller

Debra Monk played a guest starring as Louise O’Malley, Dr. George O’Malley’s mother in the medical drama.


Not much is known about her personal life and marriage, as she maintains a private life. However, she is believed to have an ex-husband John Miller.

Kim Raver & Manuel Boyer

Kim Raver portrayed the character of Dr. Teddy Altman – an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at the fictional health institution – in ABC’s medical drama series. Raver played this character from season 6 to 8 and reprised her role in season 14.


Kim Raver is married to French filmmaker Manuel Boyer. Kim and Manuel met in a swimming pool in New York City. The couple has been married since 2000, and they have 2 children together.

Chandra Wilson & John Doe

We know Chandra Wilson as popular Miranda Bailey on the series. On the show, her relationship is one of the few dramatic ones. – Though her marriage to Ben Warren comes with series of ups and downs, it’s definitely a perfect example of a solid union in Grey’s Anatomy!


Away from the series, Wilson does not like her private life in the open. Till today, no one knows the name of her lover whom she presently has 3 kids with Serena, Joy, and Michael.

Martin Henderson & Helen Randag

Martin Henderson is loved by fans of the medical drama for his role as Dr. Nathan Riggs in Grey’s. The actor from New Zealand is usually known for keeping his personal life private. However, he couldn’t hide his romantic relationship with popular director and producer – Helen Randag.


He made his relationship official via Instagram when he posted a photo of himself and Helen with the caption -: “Out with my bae – I love you, darling.” Randag quickly replied with her post saying “I love you too my darling.” Cue Henderson’s thousands of follows mourning the loss of his single life

Kate Walsh & Alex Young

Kate Walsh played Dr. Addison Montgomery on Greys Anatomy for only 2 seasons before she Greys to feature in another medical drama, Private Practice. Montgomery ended season one as Derek’s ex-partner.


Let’s take a look at Kate Walsh’s love life off screen. Well, she married Alex Young in 2007 and ended up divorcing three years later. She had always thought that she would be married with three or four kids. In her words, “I always knew I wanted to be an actress, but I think I always wanted a quote-unquote normal life.”

Isaiah Washington & Jenisa Garland

Washington is well known amongst Grey’s Anatomy fans, but before the actor’s shocking departure from the series, he was known for playing the role of the handsome surgeon Dr. Preston Burke. He had an on and off relationship with the intern during the series, of which he later left her after their engagement.

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Talking about reality, Washington is married to his wife, Jenisa Garland. The couples got married in 1996, and they have three children together: Isaiah Akin, Thyme, and Iman.

Giacomo Gianniotti & Nichole Gustafson

Handsome Italian-Canadian actor Giacomo Gianniotti is played the role of Dr. Andrew DeLuca in Grey’s. He spent the early parts of his life the great city Rome before moving to Toronto where his acting career started.


Away from the screens, Giacomo has a pretty cool love life. He recently announced on Instagram about his engagement to his fiancée Nichole. His words to his lovely bride were ‘I love you. Thank you.’

Taye Diggs and Amanza Smith

Taye Diggs was popularly known by fans for his role as Dr. Sam Bennett in grey’s anatomy. He graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s Degree of Art in musical theatre. Diggs was married to Idina Menzel who he met on the set of musical rent. They have a son who was born in 2009.


They are presently divorced. Taye has moved on and is currently dating his new girlfriend, Amanza Smith Brown. He has made a couple of red carpet appearances with her in the summer.

Scott Elrod and Vanessa Vazart

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy know Scott Elrod as the army cancer surgeon and lovely Will Thorpe. He first met Meredith when Grey Sloan team helped him out with a surgery on his patient. Will had a romantic relationship with Meredith, but she was scared to start a relationship, as her lover Derek died recently.


Away from the screen, Scott got engaged to his long-term girlfriend Vanessa after she got pregnant. He shared this wonderful news on his Instagram page. The couple already has their wedding plans, but no date has been revealed yet. They have a son together, Easton Thomas Elrod who was born on June 22, 2016, just after ‘Fathers Day.’

Leven Rambin and Tilky Jones

Leven Rambin played the role of Sloan Riley in the popular medical TV series. Sloan Riley is the long lost daughter of Mark Sloan. She is partly the cause of the break up between Mark and Lexie. Leven was active in the series for 5 seasons.


In real life, Rambin has not had an easy ride with her relationships. She was married to actor Jim Parrack, but they divorced after 2 years of marriage with Rambin revealing that Parrack cheated on her. Presently, Rambin is in a relationship with actor Tilky Jones.

Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen

Christina Ricci played the role of Hannah Davies in season two of Grey’s Anatomy. Hanna was the girl whose hand was on a live bomb inside a person. These were regular occurrences at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and the doctors do their best to find solutions.


Ricci is married to James Heerdegen. The duo first met on set while working on the series Pan Am in 2012. They got along quickly and tied the knot on October 26, 2013. They have a lovely son by the name Freddie.

Chris O’Donnell and Caroline Fentress.

Chris O’Donnell played Finn Dandridge just season 2 and 3 of Grey’s Anatomy. Chris is the last born of his family with 4 sisters and 2 brothers.


Chris is married to Caroline Fentress who a graduate of Rollins and currently works as a school teacher. The couple, who were married in 1997 have 5 children together. Presently, O’Donnell is a practicing Roman Catholic. O’Donnell’s brother, John, founded the clothing