The Unfiltered Story of Howard Stern: The King of Radio

The King of Media has made a lasting impact in the world of media. And part of Howard Stern’s genius was knowing how to capitalize on his personality – an unfiltered, raw, tell it like it is a type of character. Howard Stern has no filter, saying anything and everything that comes to mind, regardless of being politically correct or not.

His radio show has been on the air for nearly four decades now, from the era of sponsored AM broadcasting to satellite radio. He even had a movie made about him. But part of being shamelessly honest is having to deal with the repercussions of insulting people, whether having done so was intentional or not. Luckily for Stern, his loyal audience loves his inappropriate behavior and have stayed with him until today.

Bad manners aside, there’s something to be said about someone whose passion for talk radio and honesty became a legacy not only in the world of radio and media but in popular culture as a whole. Fan or not of Howard Stern, his life is definitely noteworthy.

His Interest in Radio Started When He Was Young

Howard’s father, Ray Stern, was one of the owners of a recording studio called Auro Recording Inc., which was in Manhattan. The recording studio produced its fair share of commercial and cartoon voice-overs.


Source: Gazette Review

Howard would often visit his father’s work and become inspired by the voice work and eventually be the catalyst in his becoming a radio mogul. Big names like Larry Storch, Don Adams, and Wally Cox would come into the studio to do their voice work and young Howard would look up to them.

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